When hours are complete, the Parent Log should be turned into the front office. Additional copies of the form are available on our website and in the school office. The school is responsible for publicizing opportunities for service. It is the parents responsibility to volunteer for the activities of their choice. We encourage parents to become involved in the All Saints Academy community according to their interests and talents.​​ 

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​​Chair, Nichole Mailloux-Guinto

Vice-Chair STA Campus Rep, Cindy Raps

Vice-Chair STL Campus Co-Rep, Marianne Coombs

Vice-Chair STL Campus Co-Rep, Kelly Albright

Secretary, Sherry Campbell

Co-Treasurer, Veronica Hopkins

Co-Treasurer, Kristina Wentworth


Dave Grenier, Head of School

Sean Gilrein, Assistant Head of School



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Volunteer hours count toward each family's obligation if the activity directly benefits All Saints Academy. Community service to other non-profit organizations, while charitable, does not count toward the yearly requirement. Families will find many opportunities to fulfill the hours in all areas of school life. These will be communicated periodically through the newsletter and through email requests. The All Saints Academy newsletter includes a running calendar of activities and events and details on activities calling for volunteers.​​

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All Saints Academy is required to follow the Worcester Diocese Office of Healing and Prevention Policies. Office of Healing and Prevention Policy requires a CORI, Safe Environment Training and Code of Conduct be completed by any volunteer and applies to any person over the age of 14 who will work or volunteer in any capacity within the Diocese of Worcester.


  1. Complete the CORI request form: This includes Social Security number and a copy of photo ID to be verified by the safe environment coordinator. School volunteers need to have CORI's completed every 3 years.
  2. Complete Safe Environment Training: This is done by attending a safe environment training held at any parish in the Diocese or can be done online. A copy of the certificate of completion or a card verifying attendance will need to be submitted. To complete online Safe Environment Training, contact the safe environment coordinator for further details.
  3. Read and sign an acknowledgement form for the Code of Ministerial Conduct: for the Diocese.
  4. Fingerprinting is an additional requirement for anyone who may be alone with students such as but not limited to all teachers, staff, ASP personnel, cafeteria people, coaches, substitute teachers, or library volunteers. 

Please Contact All Saints Academy/St. Louis Parish Safe Environment Coordinator, Mrs. Louis Forget for any further information:

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Each family with a student enrolled at All Saints Academy is required to volunteer Twenty (20) hours each year with an additional time always appreciated.​​ Families will be charged an additional two hundred dollar ($200) fee in the event that the 20 hours are not complete. Families are encouraged to continue recording service throughout the school year, even beyond the 20 hours. Examples of ways to complete the minimum 20 volunteer hours are as follows: Concessions/Scoring, Classroom volunteer, Coaching or assisting, Lunch/recess helper, Library volunteers, Office helper, FASA Board Member, Room parent, School Fundraisers, SCRIP volunteer, Teacher Aide, Board of Trustee/subcommittees. Sign-up sheets for the various service opportunities will be forwarded in the weekly Family Envelope. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support! 


At All Saints Academy we believe that the education of our students a partnership with our families. We encourage parent involvement and believe that together we can accomplish so much more. Volunteering is an opportunity for each family to help us accomplish our common goals in providing a solid Catholic education, in a healthy, safe and attractive environment for academic success.​ 

Parents' positive participation in the life of the school sends a strong message to children about the family's commitment to education and the community. There are many ways to get involved at All Saints Academy: assisting in the classroom, chaperoning field trips, serving on the various boards and participating in events and activities.

"Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."

-Saint Teresa of Calcutta