H o m e  of   t h e   K n i g h t s


Mrs. Joan E. Matys, Head of School
Meaghan Castiglione, Administrative Assistant

12 Day Street Webster, MA 01570

508-943-2735 (ph)         508-943-6214 (fax)

The faculty and staff at All Saints Academy know that a student's experience in middle school is an important gateway to high school, therefore the environment and curriculum have been developed to foster positive learning, to encourage students to take ownership of their education, to teach students to respect each other, and to be kind and conscientious members of the community. Students will participate in group projects where they will learn presentation and leadership skills.

Classes will include a rigorous curriculum in Language Arts, Religion, Social Studies and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as World Language the Arts and various elective classes.

Middle School campus