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Knights win the St. James Basketball Tournament 

Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Junior Varsity Teams for winning the St. James Basketball tournament and to our Boys Varsity for their 2nd place win.

Home of the 2016 395 League Champions



​​Athletics are an integral part of education at All Saints Academy with a motivated soccer, basketball and cheerleading program.  The athletic program is committed to the development of the student athlete by providing physical, social and emotional development of each athlete.  Student athletes will learn skills, teamwork, commitment and sportsmanship.  The athletic program is another part of the All Saints Academy community. 

All Saints Academy Knights offers Boys and Girls Junior Varsity & Varsity level Soccer Teams in the Fall season.

All Saints Academy Knights offers a competitive basketball program starting at the Intramural level. Basketball teams include Intramural, Junior Varsity and Varsity level.  

All Saints Academy offers Junior Varsity and Varsity level Cheerleading teams to students.​

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