H o m e  of   t h e   K n i g h t s

All Saints Academy offers a vibrant and innovative learning environment driven by high academic expectations and Christian values.

  • Provide a rigorous educational curriculum.

  • Cultivate a life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Promote an environment that is rooted in Catholic family values.

  • ​Foster personal growth for the changing physical and social needs of our students.

  • Instill a sense of responsibility for human dignity.


The school crest is the graphical symbol which represent the All Saints Academy and the values it aims to instill in our students.

  • The Light of the Holy Spirit reminds us that we are all filled with Christ. 

  • The colors Navy Blue & Gold represent the values of understanding, respect, generosity, stead fast strength, truth and loyalty.

  • The shield with the Cross represents faith and protection.

  • The golden knight and the crossing swords represent our school mascot and the qualities of leadership, justice and honor.

  • ​The compass represents direction with infinite possibilities.

  • The Torch represents educational triumph, life, truth and intelligence.

  • ​The keys remind us that we hold the key to open any door of opportunity while the crossed keys represent the metaphorical keys to the kingdom of Heaven.

  • ​Dream, believe, achieve is our school Motto and a reminder that we can accomplish excellence.  

  • The 2 Stars represent St. Anne and St. Louis schools joining together to from one as well as the celestial goodness and noble excellence.

All Saints Academy Mission & Values


To build a stronger academic and spiritual future for the area youth, St. Anne Elementary School and St. Louis Elementary School merged in 2016 to become All Saints Academy. The schools have a combined 200-year history in academic excellence and rich traditions.

St. Louis School was founded in 1882 by Rev. James Quan who brought in the Sisters of St. Joseph to begin the journey of educating the area children and has provided an exceptional educational program since the doors opened. Through the vision of Rev. Arsene Landry, St. Anne School opened in 1885 and has a history of academic excellence through the diligent work of the Sisters of St. Anne and lay teachers.

Despite the merger of the two schools, the academy will keep the vision of Blessed Marie-Anne Blondin, founders of the Sisters of St. Anne, as well as the Sisters of St. Joseph alive.​




Personally committed to Gospel values, we challenge our students in an environment that provides a foundation to reach their full potential intellectually, spiritually, physically and socially.