H o m e  of   t h e   K n i g h t s

Student Life

​​​The athletic programs at All Saints Academy are a natural extension of our mission to foster the development and growth of the whole individual. Competing in sports helps our young students build confidence, learn discipline and hard work, and achieve success both as an individual and a team player.​​

The students at All SaintsAcademy have infinitely varied interests and abundant energy. It's only natural that they gather together to explore their interests, to pursue common goals, and to learn from one another. Our goal of creating a community by sharing our gifts and honoring the diversity of our student body are well-served by a robust list of activities.

​Many opportunities exist for students who want to participate in an established club, but we also encourage students to propose new clubs based on their interest and desire to learn new skills or experience various opportunities. ​​


Clubs and activities