The qualified and passionate instructors of All Saints Academy Middle School foster a positive learning environment, while maintaining high academic standards to encourage students to take ownership of their education, to teach students to respect each other, and to be kind and conscientious members of the community. 

why choose all saints academy


  • Religious education is woven into the very fabric of our teaching and learning process.

  • Low teacher-pupil ratio permits us to maximize learning potential in all curriculum areas.

  • Personalized learning in a safe, supportive, and loving environment.

  • Recognizes that students learn in different ways and that a school must focus its academic presentation to meet the learning strengths of each student.

  • Challenges each and every student to the maximum of his or her ability and offers the support necessary as they prepare for high school and beyond.

  • STEM is integrated throughout the curriculum.

  • Significant emphasis on developing strong writing skills, good organizational habits, and study techniques as well as problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Additional instructional opportunities include: art, music, physical education, guidance and technology.

  • Technology integration throughout the curriculum.

  • Structure, organization and process are the hallmarks of All Saints Academy’s mission. ​​


Guided by a team of nurturing, early childhood educators, our preschool students receive an engaging curriculum that supports every child's social, emotional, academic, spiritual and physical development within a Catholic foundation.

​All Saints Academy is a Preschool through Grade 8 institution that is accredited through the New England Association for Schools and Colleges. All Saints Academy is committed to the Catholic tradition of education. Guided by the belief that each child has unique gifts and is entitled to an excellent education, All Saints Academy offers an academically enriched, faith based education that focuses on the development of the whole child. Our students are encouraged to realize their full potential - to be effective communicators, innovative thinkers, and caring people. Each building has wireless internet access throughout and instructors integrate technology within the daily curriculum. The computer labs are available for direct instruction and each building is equipped with wireless mobile computer carts.  On-line assessment in reading and math is utilized for benchmarking student progress and ensuring grade readiness.​

We have created something special at All Saints Academy.  Our teachers, staff and various planning boards are committed to the children's education and work closely with school families and each parish to create a unified academic and social experience.   Each Elementary and Middle school campus offers an incredible experience for its students bound for the most academic excellence. 

H o m e  of   t h e   K n i g h t s


All Saints Academy fosters a positive, productive academic experience for all of its students while providing a rigorous curriculum in Language Arts, Religion, Social Studies, STEM program, as well as World Language, the Arts and various elective classes.  Our ultimate academic goal at All Saints Academy is to produce students today prepared for the most success in becoming the leaders of our society tomorrow.  



The nurturing, child-friendly environment of the Elementary School St. Louis campus develops both the academic and social needs of each child.  In addition to teaching the students to be creative learners and critical thinkers, the staff cultivates social skills such as honesty, respect, responsibility, and a sense of identity.